The War Epilogue: Cobra Eater

The War Epilogue is a series focussing on the Metal Gear Solid Series, from 1, through to 4, in release date order. I’ll analyze where the series used to be, all the way up to where it went, and the themes that lay behind the games. Metal Gear Solid, much like it’s creator, is a larger than life series with layers of complexities that flood the veins of gaming culture, even to this day. With the controversial final entry The Phantom Pain firmly lodged in my mind, I will journal my experiences with these groundbreaking, genre-defining titles having never played a single one. I’m approaching the end of Snake Eater – and I’ve been pleasantly surprised this time.

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Disease, Isolation and Abstraction: Reimagining Death in ‘Pathologic’

Pathologic first caught my eye a few years ago when Rock Paper Shotgun called it “the best game you’ve never heard of.” They weren’t kidding, either. Pathologic is about as niche as it gets. I found this out first hand reviewing it for this very web site back in 2015 and I was blown away by just how different it felt – It was an uncompromising bucket of cold water in the face

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Mainstream developers can and should learn from modders

I have a little story for you. Cast your mind back to the early 2000’s, back to Half Life, Unreal Tournament, to Quake 3 Arena. Aside from being great games, they drew the wide-eyed gaze of new and old modders alike. All of these games enjoyed a thriving, popular modding community and for all the quality mods that came from these games, it sometimes felt like perusing an exotic bazaar, with mods of all shapes and sizes finding their own little niche among the horrific baubles and outcast fare. Mods were fan made modifications using in game assets from particular games – games that tended to come pre packaged with development tools. In my case, I was obsessed with the seminal science fiction epic Half Life and even though Half-Life will be remembered for its groundbreaking storytelling and incredible level design what I remember Half-Life for was the kaleidoscopic variety of the modding scene.

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