Fire Pro Wrestling World – Early Access Preview

Outside of the annual 2K WWE games, we don’t get a lot of great wrestling games anymore. As with the decline in interest in Professional Wrestling in general, the promise of great wrestling games doesn’t really exist anymore. And while the 2K efforts are certainly admirable in their breadth, it’s their depth and awkward presentation that leaves a lot to be desired. It’s easy to recreate an arcade representation of a match, but not easy to match the organic sense of melodrama you see in the squared circle. So how does Fire Pro Wrestling World stack up?

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The War Epilogue: Metal Gear Hunter

The War Epilogue is a series focussing on the Metal Gear Solid Series, from 1, through to 4, in release date order. I’ll analyze where the series used to be, all the way up to where it went, and the themes that lay behind the games. Metal Gear Solid, much like it’s creator, is a larger than life series with layers of complexities that flood the veins of gaming culture, even to this day. With the controversial final entry The Phantom Pain firmly lodged in my mind, I will journal my experiences with these groundbreaking, genre-defining titles having never played a single one. This time, I’m looking at Peace Walker.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided review

As trite as it is to pick a favourite, I still do it anyway, despite how arbitrary it is. For a few years now, Dark Souls has occupied the top spot in my imaginary, pointless list of preferences. But prior to Dark Souls coming into my life, that spot was inhabited by another. Deus Ex. The classic turn-of-the-millenium FPS/RPG hybrid for PC was, for a very long time, my undisputed favourite. The seamless blend of genre bending and philosophy really captured my teenage heart and held it tight until way into my 20’s, and it took something with real heavyweight pedigree like Dark Souls to slightly dislodge it from the top of my silly little illusiory list. As a result, immersive sims like Dishonoured, Prey and System Shock et al always make me sit up and take notice. Primarily because true immersive sims are such a rarity but also because I find the genre so absolutely fascinating. So it’s really weird, then, that I let Mankind Divided pass me by.

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