Bus Stop Games: Downwell

Bus Stop Games is a new feature that explores and picks apart mobile games avaliable in either hand-held or mobile format and assesses how much fun they are on London’s most well known public transport system – the bus. Today, we’re looking at Downwell for the PS Vita.

There’s often a bit of a trade-off between simplicity and depth in games. traditional knowledge would suggest that the simpler the mechanics, the less depth a game has. It’s hard to give something meant for quick, rapid-fire bursts of fun anything more than a surface level thrill. Right? Well… not necessarily. Continue reading “Bus Stop Games: Downwell”


Nioh Six Months On

Nioh is looking like it might be one of my favourite games of the year. Miraculous, actually, because 2017 is the year I hung up my love for soulslikes permanently. As a formula, the Souls games don’t really lend themselves too well to imitation, primarily because much of the draw of the seminal dark fantasy game is in its unknowable mystery. The world was a beautiful, lost enigma, one that you could never hope to fathom. But thanks to the internet and a multitude of fan communities, the secrets of the games are, by now, quite common knowledge amongst souls enthusiasts like myself. The lore of the world, the layout of Lordran, the stats and the multitude of character builds, the tragic stories of the games hopeless inhabitants have been extensively detailed in a multitude of wiki’s, youtube videos and, of course, Continue reading “Nioh Six Months On”