A small update on The War Epilogue

I’ve got my greasy hands on The Legacy Collection of Metal Gear Solid now, so expect some initial impressions of Sons of Liberty up sometime next week when I begin playing it. It’ll be a quick first impression before doing a deep dive into the core game and what it’s all about once I’m done […]

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The War Epilogue: Shadow Moses

The War Epilogue is a series focussing on the Metal Gear Solid Series, from 1, through to 4, in release date order. I’ll analyze where the series used to be, all the way up to where it went, and the themes that lay behind the games. Metal Gear Solid, much like it’s creator, is a […]

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Hackmud PC review

Hacker culture is pretty well exposed these days. In between the paranoid fever dream of Mr Robot and the myriad of indie games attempting to recreate the fascinating sub culture, along with all that real-world stuff of whistle blowers and Edward Snowden and privacy debates, the dystopia written at the birth of the Internet seems to be […]

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Zenith PC Review

  Zenith is a game that shouldn’t work. In fact, it often doesn’t work. It’s a game that demands you pass it by. Its storefront on Steam looks as generic as it gets. Its myriad of bugs and issues should be turning you off. The shoddy menus and absolutely horrible combat system is so bad it […]

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