Duke Nukem 3D World Tour PC Review

Duke Nukem 3D is a game very dear to my heart. Cast your minds back to late 1998, where a younger, more foolish version of myself used to delight in sneaking out of the house to visit a nearby friend and play a naughty game with swearing and breasts in itAt the time, playing Duke Nukem 3D felt unruly. Set in gritty, action movie locales, it revelled in the pleasures of the skin and swearing and farting in a way that felt really adult, but in reality was quite immature. Regardless, Duke Nukem 3D is a beloved classic, where shootouts result in broken glass shattering, sending fragments across your screen, wood and twisted metal punctuate explosions. This was all packaged with a wink and a smile; with Duke cracking his knuckles at the start of the first level, it makes it clear that you’re in for a cigar chomping rollercoaster of shootouts and explosions… and aliens on the toilet.


Read the rest of the review over at GameSpew.


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