Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 updates the classic CRPG formula properly. Unlike Pillars of Eternity which seemed like much more of a homage to a by-gone era, Larians latest entry into their long-running CRPG series uses classic CRPG tropes as a base and builds on it with new, fresh ideas. Character-based roleplaying is brought out of the rose-tinted memories of the 90’s and into the here and now with some great new modern twists on the formula. Divinity: Original Sin 2 distances itself from Obsidians recent crowdfunded efforts by making them look like nothing more than derivative in comparison, and that’s quite a feat considering how polished and intricately detailed the worlds of games like Tyranny and Pillars of Eternity are.

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Duke Nukem 3D World Tour PC Review

Duke Nukem 3D is a game very dear to my heart. Cast your minds back to late 1998, where a younger, more foolish version of myself used to delight in sneaking out of the house to visit a nearby friend and play a naughty game with swearing and breasts in itAt the time, playing Duke Nukem 3D felt unruly. Set in gritty, action movie locales, it revelled in the pleasures of the skin and swearing and farting in a way that felt really adult, but in reality was quite immature. Regardless, Duke Nukem 3D is a beloved classic, where shootouts result in broken glass shattering, sending fragments across your screen, wood and twisted metal punctuate explosions. This was all packaged with a wink and a smile; with Duke cracking his knuckles at the start of the first level, it makes it clear that you’re in for a cigar chomping rollercoaster of shootouts and explosions… and aliens on the toilet.


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Hackmud PC review

Hacker culture is pretty well exposed these days. In between the paranoid fever dream of Mr Robot and the myriad of indie games attempting to recreate the fascinating sub culture, along with all that real-world stuff of whistle blowers and Edward Snowden and privacy debates, the dystopia written at the birth of the Internet seems to be slowly coming to life. As a society we lurch closer … Continue reading Hackmud PC review

Zenith PC Review


Zenith is a game that shouldn’t work. In fact, it often doesn’t work. It’s a game that demands you pass it by. Its storefront on Steam looks as generic as it gets. Its myriad of bugs and issues should be turning you off. The shoddy menus and absolutely horrible combat system is so bad it might set your hard drive on fire. However, amid the dire design choices lays a small, tiny golden egg. Among the wreckage of this game is a little thing I like to call heart and soul.


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Dead Rising Review (PC)

It’s a little cliché to make the comparison but the zombie game now resembles its own brain-dead hosts. They’ve gathered en-masse in large numbers, they’ve shuffled aimlessly in unison with one another, with little to no difference between each other, and they swarm around the warm bodies of healthy, living beings, and chew our bodies until we die. Continue reading Dead Rising Review (PC)