The antithesis of Trump: The role of Video Games in a post-truth world

In the growling wake of 2016, our world emerges as a confused, wounded animal, having suffered the burn of a trying year, our sense of truth and reality has taken a collective hit across all political spectrums. Sometimes, when you take a deep breathe and look around you, it’s hard to know what to think and who to trust. In this age, reason, compassion and good old fashioned justice for all has taken unprecedented blows, and Donald Trump being the poster child for reactionary conservativism somehow managed to rise to the grandest office of them all. After a year of brutal blows, 2017 started off like a bad hangover, with Donald Trump’s opening shots to the world as president of the United States being about as racist, reactionary and harmful as they could possibly be. Trump, I’m afraid to say, played it perfectly. Exploiting the fragility of the human psyche after a year of tumultuous blows, he harnessed the power of outrage culture over social media to capture the ignorant and silence the marginalised. Now that he’s in power, it’s harder than ever to know what to believe and know who to trust.

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