Reclaiming “walking simulators”

If I was going to characterize the comments section of any website on the internet in a picture, the work of Otto Dix seems to slot right into my minds eye. Rage and dramatic histrionic displays are so common online that if it were to be physically recreated in the real world it would look like something akin to a blackened din of hell. A morbid neverending war of two sides who take an eternity of pain out of each other for the crime of not agreeing. Thanks to the internet the masks we wear online tend to give us bravery we wouldn’t normally have and as online spaces tend to be our go-to place to debate our favourite topics it’s easy to see how discussion quickly spirals into bloodletting. With no filter and no reason to be civil, this was always going to happen. We are, after all, only human. And respect doesn’t necessarily come natural.

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Dead Rising Review (PC)

It’s a little cliché to make the comparison but the zombie game now resembles its own brain-dead hosts. They’ve gathered en-masse in large numbers, they’ve shuffled aimlessly in unison with one another, with little to no difference between each other, and they swarm around the warm bodies of healthy, living beings, and chew our bodies until we die. Continue reading Dead Rising Review (PC)

A short introduction to Digital Brain

Video games have an interesting media image, don’t they? It’s often hard to really know exactly what gaming wants to be and it’s not uncommon to find just as many examples of this wonderful artform being a puerile death spectacle for sugar addicts as it is a transformative and immersive platform for grown ups and arty types. So what is gaming? What is this unique … Continue reading A short introduction to Digital Brain