A small update on The War Epilogue

I’ve got my greasy hands on The Legacy Collection of Metal Gear Solid now, so expect some initial impressions of Sons of Liberty up sometime next week when I begin playing it. It’ll be a quick first impression before doing a deep dive into the core game and what it’s all about once I’m done with it. Needless to say, I’m as excited as a school boy at Christmas. I expect:

  • Better control scheme 
  • More expanded stealth mechanics 
  • A hell of a lot of cut scenes
  • Dialogue 
  • Cardboard boxes, again
  • More dialogue
  • Huge, gigantic breakages of the fourth wall
  • Snake being dumped in favour of a more feminine protagonist after the opening titles roll

Im already aware that Sons of Liberty was a total ‘fuck you’ to MGS fans of the day so I’m fully prepared for the VR stuff at the end. I’d be interested in seeing how Kojima manages to pull it off.

On top of this I’m hoping to get another article up at some point too!

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