Fire Pro Wrestling World – Early Access Preview

Outside of the annual 2K WWE games, we don’t get a lot of great wrestling games anymore. As with the decline in interest in Professional Wrestling in general, the promise of great wrestling games doesn’t really exist anymore. And while the 2K efforts are certainly admirable in their breadth, it’s their depth and awkward presentation that leaves a lot to be desired. It’s easy to recreate an arcade representation of a match, but not easy to match the organic sense of melodrama you see in the squared circle. So how does Fire Pro Wrestling World stack up?

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Disease, Isolation and Abstraction: Reimagining Death in ‘Pathologic’

Pathologic first caught my eye a few years ago when Rock Paper Shotgun called it “the best game you’ve never heard of.” They weren’t kidding, either. Pathologic is about as niche as it gets. I found this out first hand reviewing it for this very web site back in 2015 and I was blown away by just how different it felt – It was an uncompromising bucket of cold water in the face

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